Too Tired to Cook Prepared Meals

We’ve expanded our prepared meal range – aptly named ‘Too Tired to Cook’ – with an even wider choice of different dinner options. On any given day we will have 5-8 different meals for you to choose from, including:

– Toulouse sausage rolls
– Beef arancini and Tomato mozzarella arancini
– Spinach and ricotta lasagne
– Classic beef ragu lasagne
– Aubergine Parmigiana
– Lentil cottage pie
-A selection of pies including steak and ale, spicy lamb with chickpea & chorizo, ham hock and pea
– Sardinian pork stew with polenta
– Chicken & mushroom pot pie
– Coq au Vin
– Chicken and lemon tagine
– Classic fish and prawn pie
– Moroccan chicken , almond and cinnamon pastilla
– Moroccan spicy lamb flatbreads
– Moroccan spinach & feta flatbreads
– Spinach, feta and dill filo pastry spirals

Prepared Herne Hill